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Buckskin Sanitary District
Board Meetings: 

Regular Meeting
March 17, 2020
  @6:00 p.m.
District Offices

Contact Info:
928-667-1697 fax
8832 Riverside Drive, Ste. 4
Parker, Arizona  85344


La Paz County Golf Course, La Paz County Park, Branson's Resort, Arete Rd./Diane Ln, Marina Village Subdivisions, Plantation, Roadrunner, Stroke's, Casino Beach, Sandbar Resort, Rio Lindo, and Sundance are some of the locations included within the future Area 4 Sewer Improvement District Project

Construction on the Area 4 Sewer Project is almost complete!! The main sewer lines have been constructed along Riverside Drive and into some of the communities.  Laterals have been installed to the properties in the communities as well. 

Some final work is being done at the Sandpiper Wastewater Treatment Plant and  once the work is finished and Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) gives the District the authorization to discharge into the new lines, the District will begin the bidding process for the contractor selection to begin connecting the properties to the sewer lines.

We realize this has been quite the long process for everyone and appreciate your patience as we worked through it! We also want to thank those HOA's that stayed in contact with us and updated their members as well as inviting the District Manager to speak at their Annual meetings.

We will keep you updated on this page as the process continues.....

UPDATE 1/31/19: We are currently moving into the Bidding phase of the Residential Sewer Connection process.  Advertisement for Bids is going our on 2/6/19 - 3/12/19.  At that time the sealed Bids will be opened and hopefully a contract will be awarded after approval by the Buckskin Sanitary District Board of Directors shortly after that.
Property owners will begin to see communications via mail regarding paperwork that will be needed from them as well as any fees and additional paperwork for the actual hookup process.
​Stay tuned......

Update 5/9/19:    Construction has begun!!!! The contractor JTR General Engineering Contractor LLC has been awarded the bid and has begun connecting residential properties that are covered under a grant from USDA Rural Development Colonia Grant.  Commercial properties need to contact the District Offices for the process of connecting their businesses to the sewer.  All customers must complete paperwork prior to their connection and pay all fees required.  You may do that by visiting our offices at 8832 Riverside Dr. Ste #4 or call our office at (928)667-7197. 

UPDATE 2/4/20:  The final link to the sewer has begun with the connection of the Rio Lindo Shores Community and the rehab of Lift Station #1.  Kinney Construction LLC has begun the process of bringing Rio Lindo Shores off of their community septic systems and connecting them to the Buckskin Sanitary Sewer System on February 4, 2020. The property owners will not see any difference in their individual properties service except that they will receive service notices from the District and paperwork needed to setup their new accounts.  This project is to be complelted in 180 days.

Buckskin Sanitary District began designing and seeking funding to assist with the sewer expansion in Area 4 that runs from LPC Boat Safety Building to Sundance Saloon in 2012.  Design engineers were hired and the design of the wastewater conveyance system and the improvements to the existing wastewater treatment plant were completed in December 2015.

The staff and Board of Directors worked diligently with the property owners to hear their concerns, suggestions and input at several meetings and to keep everyone engaged in the process.  Funding was key and the District Staff worked closely with their engineers and Rural Development USDA to secure grants and loans for the building of the infrastructure.  Also as a part of that effort grant funding was acquired to assist the property owners with their onsite connections.  Funding from Rural Development consists of a 64% grant on the building of the infrastructure, 100% grant for the residential property owners onsite connections and a loan at 1.625% spread over 40 years.

On May 3, 2016 the contractor, CNB Excavating, Inc. was hired and was given a Notice to Proceed on July 19, 2016.  This project is slated to take approximately 1 year to complete and then the residential and commercial hookups will begin.
Slater Hanifan Group was selected to oversee the construction and provide an onsite inspector in the District and will be handling the day to day activities. They intend to work closely with the property owners and the local Homeowners Associations to keep the communities aware of what is happening in their areas.

Phase 4 Wastewater Conveyance & WWTP Plans
Phase 4 Wastewater Conveyance & WWTP Specs Vol. 1
Phase 4 Wastewater Conveyance & WWTP Specs Vol. 2

Phase 4 Wastewater Conveyance System Design Report

Phase 4 Wastewater Conveyance System Environmental Report

The property Owners in the Area 4 Sewer Project that runs from Patria Flats to Sundance attended a Public Meeting on March 4, 2015 in 2 sessions and had many of their questions answered and were also given a first look at the new sewer project in their area.  Glenn Panaro, from Energy & Water Solutions is the Design Engineer was present to go over the preliminary design of the project, and Wayne Posey, District Manager for BSD announced that the District has been awarded a grant for this project that will cover approximately 63.5% of the cost as well as the potential 100% grant for the residential on site connection costs.
Many exhibits were shown so that owners could identify their property and see the preliminary layout and were given property profiles so that they can identify their individual parcel septic systems.
The District will hold further meetings in the near future so that more property owners can attend. The District has also had great cooperation with the local Homeowner Associations so that more people are aware of what is to come.
Buckskin Sanitary District has completed preliminary plans for the construction of sewer facilities which can provide sewer service for properties along Riverside Drive from Patria Flats County Park to Sundance.  The District has been gathering information about any existing sewer facilities within the neighborhoods adjacent to Riverside Drive to finalize the design to bring service to every individual property.  The District will be hosting open houses to meet with you and respond to any questions you may have.
Buckskin Sanitary District has utilized Improvement Districts (ID’s) to construct the existing Sewer Treatment Plant and collection lines to serve the property owners within Areas 1, 2, & 3.  An ID is a Statutory provision that allows for the construction of public facilities utilizing low interest rate financing with assessment liens being placed on the benefiting properties payable over a 24 year period.
Buckskin Sanitary District completed a study for the proposed Area 4 Flatlands Sewer Project.  The proposed Project would construct sanitary sewer facilities along Riverside Drive from Patria Flats County Park to Sundance Resort to serve all of the properties within Buckskin Sanitary District (with the exception of the undeveloped state land parcels) along both sides of Riverside Drive.  As a result of the study, it was determined that the existing Sandpiper Sewer Treatment Plant has enough excess capacity to serve all of the properties within the proposed Area 4 region of the District with the exception of the undeveloped state land parcels.
The District has contracted with Energy & Water Solutions Consulting Engineers to prepare plans and specifications for this proposed project.  One of the initial steps in preparing the design, is to meet with the various property owners and their Home Owners Associations to gather information on any existing sewer facilities within the neighborhood and to determine what facilities that will need to be constructed to provide service to each individual property.
Recently a meeting was held for the property owners within Marina Village Annex to provide an opportunity to get information about the proposed project.  Post cards were mailed to all property owners within the proposed project area inviting contacts to the District to setup informational meetings.
Energy & Water Solutions is preparing a proposed project schedule, preliminary plans, and an engineer’s estimate of probable costs.  A method of assessment is being prepared for presentation to the Buckskin Sanitary District Board of Directors.  As soon as this information becomes available, the information will be distributed to the property owners.